Kenton gpim 16

Kenton GPMX-16 MIDI to GPI & GPI to MIDI converter

16 input GPI to MIDI converter

The GPMX-16 has 16 GPI (general purpose interface) inputs and 16 GPI outputs arranged on four 9 pin D connectors. D sockets for inputs and D plugs for outputs. It can receive and output MIDI messages as Notes, Controllers (CCs) or Program Changes. In the following description references to MIDI note numbers also applies to Controller Numbers or Program Numbers if that is the input or output mode currently in use.

Display: 3 x 7 segment LED display
Power: 9V DC - 200mA max - 2.1mm locking connector – mains adaptor supplied
Dimensions: 190 x 110 x 46 mm (including feet)
Weight: 800 gms including power supply
MIDI: In, Out1 & Out2 (out1 & out2 give the same data out)
Inputs: 16 GPI – 8 on each of 2 x 9 pin D sockets – pin 9 common ground
Outputs: 16 GPI – 8 on each of 2 x 9 pin D plugs – pin 9 common
Power Supply: Switch mode multi-region type with locking connector supplied with unit.

Please refer to the manual for more details

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