Yamaha_SH101 Socket Kit

Socket Upgrade for JEN SX-2000

PLEASE NOTE: Fitting a socket upgrade kit is a skilled job which should be undertaken only by a competent synth service engineer or fitted by us at our premises in South West London.

Jen SX-2000 - 3 skt (cv / gate / filter)

Kit Only - should be fitted by competent synth service engineer

Exc. Vat: £50.00

Inc. Vat: £60.00

Jen SX-2000 - 3 skt (cv / gate / filter) Fitted by Kenton

Kit including fitting by expert engineers at our premises in London. Note however that delivery to and from Kenton is not included in these prices.

Exc. Vat: £100.00

Inc. Vat: £120.00