Please select the type of lead(s) you require in the panels below:

MIDI Leads: 5pin DIN to 5 pin DIN. All MIDI are made with twisted pair screened cable (as MIDI spec)

MIDI Leads: 5pin DIN plug to 5pin DIN Socket and 5pin DIN socket to 5 pin DIN socket.

3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack mono

3.5mm jack to 6.35mm (¼") jack mono. Connects Kenton converters to other equipment which use 6.35mm (¼") mono jacks

3.5mm mono jack plug to ring or tip only of 6.35mm (¼") TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) jack plug. Connects Kenton converters to other equipment which need this type of connection - used on some Moog synths (Rogue, Source, MG-1 for example)

Power leads to suit various countries.

Kenton Leads. A range of leads for connecting to Kenton equipment.

3.5mm mono jack to 2pin Cinch-Jones:
Connects Kenton converters to equipment that uses a 2 pin Cinch Jones connector for the s-trig input.
Mostly Moog (Minimoog for example)

IEEE DCB to DCB leads

3 x 3.5mm mono jack plugs to 8 pin Jones plug. Connects Kenton converters to EMS synths. Note that this cable is all you need to connect to an EMS synth as the 8 pin plug houses all the necessary interface components.
This cable brings the CV onto your patch panel as Input 1 - you can then patch it where you like - usually to the oscillators
The Aux1 output of the converter is brought in as Input 2 - again you can patch it where you like - usually to VCF (filter)
The Gate signal is hard-wired to gate.

DIN Sync Leads: 5pin DIN to 5pin DIN. All pins wired - overall screen suitable for use as a DIN sync cable (sync 24)

Cinch-Jones plugs and sockets 3.5mm mini jacks and ¼" (6.35mm) jacks